Chocolate Cheesecakes

Chocolate and cheesecakes are a match made in heaven. Indulge in rich, creamy classic chocolate cheesecakes, no bake cheesecakes and white chocolate cheesecakes for any occasion!

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Baileys and chocolate add a delightfully rich flavour to a classic cheesecake. This makes a delicious ending to any special meal.

Recipe by: Elaine

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Sinfully rich and velvety smooth, this recipe becomes a favourite as soon as it is tasted. It is best if made a day before serving.

Recipe by: Çigdem

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Just before serving, grate some dark chocolate on the top for a more professional look.

Recipe by: Marty

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This recipe was passed down to me from my mother. It produces a rich, chocolatey cheesecake perfect for all cheesecake and chocolate lovers alike! Taste a little to ensure that the right amount of chocolate-ness has been reached. If you like cheesecakes a little more chocolatey then you may need to add a little more cocoa powder/water mix to taste.


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This makes an excellent cheesecake, similar to one you would get in a restaurant. Great for special occasions! Garnish with white chocolate curls, if desired.

Recipe by: Cindy

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I got this wonderful recipe from a bed and breakfast we stayed at once. It is a hit every time I make it. Serve with caramel or chocolate sauce if desired.

Recipe by: Amy

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Truffle-like chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate biscuit crust. If this does not drive your mate wild, keep the recipe and replace him or her. Note: The topping for this cake is your choice, you could use chocolate dipped strawberries, purchased chocolate truffles, or melt chocolate and/or white chocolate and drizzle it over the top.

Recipe by: Anne M.

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A deliciously decadent dessert - a cross between tiramisu and cheesecake. Layered with Amaretti biscuits, sweet mascarpone cheese, coffee liquer-soaked sponge fingers, creamy cheese mixture again and lastly chocolate-coffee liquer topping.

Recipe by: K.G. Chocholic

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A beautiful plated mascarpone cheesecake with chocolate and hazelnuts for a special occasion. This is assembled directly onto the serving plates using metal the rings they sell for poaching eggs. You need to make the crust and chill ahead of time before putting together the dessert.

Recipe by: CALL4BUD

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