Happy Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with barbecued pork, yee sang, steamed fish, san choy bau and more festive dishes.

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Chinese New Year Aromatic Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken ( 帝皇菊花貴鸡 )
Recipe by: blackswan

There are many health benefits of Chrysanthemum, and the " golden flowers " are used in traditional Chinese...

Christmas Potted Plants Potato Salad Potluck Recipe
Recipe by: blackswan

It's fun, it's tasty, and it's healthy! Let's celebrate the festive season with these delicious Potted...

Recipe by: jessicakristinevillacrusis

Palitaw is a malagkit/ Glutinous rice flour/Glutinous rice is being grind. It is a dessert with shreaded...

Chicken Adobo with lots of Garlic
Recipe by: sunnydaysarelove

Have you tried to cook Chicken Adobo? This Filipino dish originally means "to marinate" has been cooked...


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