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Chicken Adobo with lots of Garlic
Recipe by: sunnydaysarelove

Have you tried to cook Chicken Adobo? This Filipino dish originally means "to marinate" has been cooked...

Fried Bangus in vinegar marinade
Recipe by: sunnydaysarelove

Fried Bangus in vinegar marinade is a staple dish in the Philippines. Served with hot rice, bagoong (or...

starbucks mocha frappuccino
Recipe by: waine

serve the with the whipped cream and a drezzle of syrup and add strow and enjoy your drink

30-Minute Meal: Healthy Bitter Gourd Egg-Drop Soup
Recipe by: blackswan

A no-fuss 30-minute recipe that anyone can cook especially the busy executives who have no time to waste...


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