Filipino Sinigang

Sinigang is a Filipino dish that's so easy and adaptable, that you'll never get tired of it. Every family has their own special recipe. Here you'll find pork sinigang, bangus sinigang, beef sinigang and shrimp sinigang. Sinigang is typically flavored with tamarind, but some regions use tomatoes and guava as souring agents. Find your endless options here!

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Simple beef, vegetable, tamarind based soup that we eat over rice! A meal in itself!

Recipe by: ALLYD

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A Filipino unique dish, fish or bangus with a variety of vegetables in it.

Recipe by: Menewdewonhall

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This is a tangy, soupy meal-in-a-pot dish. It can serve as soup and a main dish complete with vegetables and is easy to do. Instead of pork, chicken and beef can be used as well.

Recipe by: Emelita

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