Cheese Omelettes

    Craving a fluffy, delicious cheese omelette? We have lots to choose from. We have ham and cheese omelettes, cheese and mushroom omelettes and healthy spinach and feta omelettes. Find your new favorite today!

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    Eggs, fresh coriander and cream cheese ...with a bit of technique thrown in. Feel free to use any fresh herbs!

    Recipe by: jen

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    Try this omelette for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    53 reviews

    An oven-baked omelette stuffed with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms.

    Recipe by: Kate Jones

    13 reviews

    Thin omelettes are wrapped around a crab and prawn filling, then served with a cheddar cheese sauce. Perfect for a special brunch.

    Recipe by: Jennyw

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    Watercress teams well with eggs and is highly nutritious, providing iron and betacarotene. The cheddar cheese supplies plenty of taste without too much fat. Serve with crusty French bread for a well-balanced meal.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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