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    Whether the potato is the star of your dish or merely the side or accompaniment to what you're cooking, here we have recipes to inspire and give you ideas.

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    These are lovely and crispy, perfect for all roast dinners. The turmeric gives a nice colour, but it isn't that important for the taste. If you've already made your roast, substitute the beef drippings for the vegetable oil to add more flavour.

    Recipe by: MARLENE28

    1 review

    It's fun, it's tasty, and it's healthy! Let's celebrate the festive season with these delicious Potted Plants Potato Salad! Add a dash of contemporary flair to your plain potato salad, and make your party an unforgettable one for your guests. And yes, of course these are edible potted plants! Aren't they cute?

    Recipe by: blackswan

    22 reviews

    This is a very yummy potato bake that I alway get requested to bring for Christmas or any other family get together. Best of all its really easy to make. You can really put pretty much anything between the layers, but I think an onion type flavor and a bacon type flavour taste best.

    Recipe by: laridae

    1 review

    These patties here are well-loved by kids! Remember to mash the potatoes till fine to get a smoother texture.

    Recipe by: chewchew

    9 reviews

    This will add zip to your spud salad. Mix this dressing with an equal part creamy salad dressing.

    Recipe by: ANTLALA

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