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This dip is quick, easy and delicious and feeds a large crowd. Try experimenting with different types of cheese. Serve with plenty of crackers.

Recipe by: DANCOX

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This classic sauce is made from an emulsion of egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice cooked over gentle heat. The secret is to keep the heat low so that the egg yolks don't curdle, and to whisk constantly. This sauce is delicious served over poached eggs or asparagus.

Recipe by: STEPHANO

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This was a childhood memory that I was craving and the second I tasted it, I was flushed with happy thoughts. It tastes like caramel! We used to dip slices of apples into it as kids - try it - you'll love it.

Recipe by: Rachel

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I have been making this dip for more than 25 years and it is always the first to be eaten at parties. Delicious! Serve in a dipping bowl and eat with crisps of French bread.

Recipe by: Glyn Turbin

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Tangy, classic lemon curd. Whether you know it as lemon spread or lemon butter, it's still perfect with scones and tea.

Recipe by: Tawnie

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This is a no-fuss, easy recipe. The Hollandaise sauce is simply put together in a blender - no double boiling necessary. Serve the eggs with sauce on hot buttered English muffins or toast. Yum!

Recipe by: INDRIANI

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This is a quick and easy bechamel sauce.


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This wine and shallot reduction sauce mixed with butter is usually served with fish.

Recipe by: Jay

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My mother makes this sauce, and the recipe has never failed! This is a hazelnut variation of authentic Hollandaise sauce that is virtually foolproof! Serve with trout or salmon.

Recipe by: allison125

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This is very much like sour cream yet it is softer and has a little more tang. Use it to garnish anything from pies to soup. Try whipping it with a little bit of sugar for tangy whipped cream!


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