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    Looking for a recipe for pancit, pho, pad thai, or a noodle salad? Maybe you need a recipe for chow mein or char kwei teow? We have rice noodles, egg noodles, glass noodles, soba noodles, udon noodles, ramen noodles, and more.

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    This flavourful noodle soup comes from the southern state of Johore, in Peninsular Malaysia. Don't let the prep time hinder you because it is easy to make and delicious.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    This is a delicious Korean one pot beef soup. The recipe is speeded up by using a pressure cooker. This recipe calls for kosari, a dried bracken fern, but it can be left out if it is not found in your area.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    If you want to show your neighbour that you can cook Thai food to surprise them and make a small party in your house, why don't enroll at cooking School Thailand, then you can prepare for every meal in your kitchen. This is some tip of making Fried noodle Thai Style, Enjoy your cooking.

    Recipe by: soragarn

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    Another favorite noodle dish, it is usually served as a snack with Filipino pastries. You can easily increase the quantities to feed a crowd.

    Recipe by: Emelita

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    This is a fun Korean glass noodle recipe. The vegetables are only for example, so you can add whatever you think would be good!

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    This a great interactive dish for a party or a crowd. In our family, we start up a couple charcoal burners outside and set all the ingredients out for people to make their bowls of noodles themselves, since everyone's tastes are different.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    This is a popular poor man’s food that almost all mothers can cook, at least in Singapore. It’s the most convenient way to have a quick delicious meal during work week. A lot of people also like to cook Pork Leg Bee Hoon during parties. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. You can see how easy it is to turn a simple can food dish into a classy festive dish that’s fit for the King!

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    The recipe of this pancit sotanghon was made from left overs of boiled chicken and vegetables.

    Recipe by: Maridol34

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    My son & I were at the supermarket & he was intrigued by Koka’s Purple Wheat Noodle. When we opened up the package at home, we were surprised that there were no seasonings inside; unlike other instant noodles. Errrr………so what do we do now? I peeped into my freezer & found some Cheese Sausages. I’ve also got Mussels, so I decided to cook the entire bag of shellfish & make Jon a dry noodle instead to go with it. Here’s what I did:

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    Normally we eat fried vermicelli without any gravy. This recipe try to add-on on normal fried vermicelli. The gravy was added to improve the taste of the dish. You will love it.

    Recipe by: webgyver

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