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    This is the Filipino version of spring rolls.

    Recipe by: LILQTPINAY23

    2 reviews

    This is a very cool and satisfying salad, terrific for picnics or any outdoor fun. Singkamas is also called bangkwang or jicama.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    177 reviews

    This is a very tasty and easy-to-make Filipino chicken dish made with soy sauce, garlic and vinegar. I can just as easily double or triple the chicken in this recipe to serve guests at a party. Serve over rice with just a little of the sauce (not too much).


    41 reviews

    This is a variation of a recipe my mother taught me after I got married and wanted to make Filipino food for my husband.

    Recipe by: roguejoker

    10 reviews

    A Philippine favorite. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top, and enjoy hot or cold. Note: this recipe involves baking the little cakes with the muffin tin standing in a tray of hot water - so not suitable to try with kids.

    Recipe by: Chinky Viola

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    This mouth-watering dessert is usually prepared for special occasions.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    87 reviews

    Crispy and delicious dinner rolls from the Philippines.

    Recipe by: THEO72

    1 review

    This cassava and buko cake with coconut milk offers a unique dessert to tempt any palate.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    1 review

    This is my favorite snack of all times. It’s a little bit time consuming to make, but if a lot are made at one time, they freeze well, and can be deep-fried for a quick snack or appetizer while frozen.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    This is a popular Filipino dessert. My whole family goes crazy for ube ice cream, but the store-bought kind contains preservatives and food coloring. It's very easy to make ube ice cream at home and it tastes better than the ones at the store. I used homemade ube halaya and condensed milk, but they're readily available at the market.

    Recipe by: lolalibrarian

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