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Looking for a recipe for beer battered fish, chicken goujons or homemade thick-cut chips? Maybe you are looking for vegetable fritters, tempura, prawn toast or deep-fried tofu or seaweed? Do not forget about doughnuts and beignets.

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This is one of dishes that I like so much that I kept modifying it. It's the 3rd revision on the blog. The first was in Year 2006, second in Year 2007 and a couple modifications after that which I did not post. For this latest recipe, I'm still sharing the usual deep-frying method. In addition, there will be an alternative, oven baked method. Those who wants a healthier choice will welcome it.

Recipe by: wokkingmum

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A popular streetfood in the Phillipines, kwek kwek refers to the smaller quail eggs and tokneneng is for the larger chicken eggs. These hard-boiled eggs are dipped in orange coloured flour batter and deep fried then served with sweet sour sauce.

Recipe by: Suhara

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This is the Filipino version of spring rolls.

Recipe by: LILQTPINAY23

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This anytime snack is like a doughnut, but slightly more dense. They are best eaten warm.

Recipe by: Wiley

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I made the doughs here based on a recipe in "Delicacies of Chinatown" book, authored by a lady but unfortunately I don't know her name as it was written in Chinese characters. Luckily the recipes are in dual languages. There are several versions for the dough recipes as I had seen online and in some blogs, but essentially, the concept is similar to french puff pastry where dough and fat are inter-layered to get crispy light flaky pastry. The spiral effect here is achieved by rolling the two types of doughs (water and oil doughs) into a rectangle and rolling it up into swiss roll.

Recipe by: petitenyonya

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