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    Looking for recipe that uses coconut? We have recipes that use this versatile ingredient in chicken, vegetables, desserts and refreshing drinks.

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    This is another fun dessert to make and eat. Pandan-flavoured dough balls are stuffed with a coconut filling to make a hearty and exciting dessert.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    Kanom Krok is an ubiquitous street snack made in the cast iron kanom krok pan. This version is rich, custardy and consistent. Recipes vary wildly, but this one works every time. More important than the recipe, though, is having a seasoned pan and even heat. I use a charcoal brazier, but you can use a gas burner that is wide and has a low temperature setting.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    This sweet coconut stuffed pancake roll is usually served as a snack at teatime. It is also known as Kueh Ketayap.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    This is a hearty sweet rice (malagkit) with chocolate dish great for snacks.

    Recipe by: Emelita

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    A native dish from the Philippines where coconuts are abundant. The combination of coconut juice and ginger gives it's flavorful and unique taste that me and my family enjoys.

    Recipe by: Hiraya

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