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    Looking for bread, cakes, pastries or biscuits? Need jacket potato topping ideas? Find classic recipes for baked Alaska, baked apples, stuffed peppers, bread and butter pudding.

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    A glaze featuring balsamic vinegar, garlic, honey, white wine and Dijon mustard makes baked salmon fillets extraordinary.

    Recipe by: ISYBEL

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    Easy to make French bread rolls. Dough can be made in mixer, bread maker, or by hand. Loaves or rolls can be brushed before baking with a glaze of 1 beaten egg white mixed with 1 tablespoon water if desired.

    Recipe by: JOCATLIN

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    Banana muffins make a healthy snack for children after school. They are so easy to make and freeze well too. So, make these instead of throwing away those brown bananas!

    Recipe by: Abi

    10 reviews

    A Philippine favorite. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top, and enjoy hot or cold. Note: this recipe involves baking the little cakes with the muffin tin standing in a tray of hot water - so not suitable to try with kids.

    Recipe by: Chinky Viola

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    This mouth-watering dessert is usually prepared for special occasions.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    1 review

    Durian can be too strong of a flavour for some. My friend Venny served us this cake for tea and surprisingly it was not too overpowering and a nice twist to an ordinary cake.

    Recipe by: Suhara

    87 reviews

    Crispy and delicious dinner rolls from the Philippines.

    Recipe by: THEO72

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    This tapioca cake is good to have for tea-time snack or as dessert. This simple recipe was given to me by a friend and she likes to grill the cake after it's done so that it'll have a nice colour on top.

    Recipe by: Suhara

    1 review

    This cassava and buko cake with coconut milk offers a unique dessert to tempt any palate.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    1 review

    A popular cake in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia during festive and special occasions. It's time consuming to make but well-worth it.

    Recipe by: Mekmolek

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