Singapore Popiah (Fresh spring roll)

    If you enjoy clean, healthy eating, you will love the freshness and sweetness of popiah. It is a popular Chinese dish in Singapore and Malaysia, and can be bought from food court stalls or are lovingly made at home. The shredding of the vegetables takes a bit of work but the results are definitely worth it! You can choose to make a pure vegetarian/vegan version or a non-vegetarian version with streaky pork, fresh prawns, chinese sausage and eggs. Both versions taste just as good! Portion below serves 2 persons (about 6 spring rolls).

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    • 1 small turnip (Cut/grate into long, thin strips)
    • 1 medium carrot (Cut/grate into long, thin strips)
    • Half a pack of french beans, about 15 pieces (Cut/grate into thin oval strips)
    • Minced garlic, 1 clove
    • Optional: 1 piece of firm beancurd / tau kwa (Cut into long, thin strips)
    • Optional: 1 small beetroot (Cut/grate into long, thin strips)
    • Optional: 1 small piece of streaky pork (Boiled, cut into long, thin strips)
    • Optional: Few pieces of bamboo shoots (Cut/grate into long, thin strips)
    • Optional: 12 medium prawns (De-shelled, de-veined)
    • Optional: 1 chinese sausage / lup cheong (Boiled, skinned, cut into long, thin strips)
    • Optional: 2 hard-boiled eggs (Chopped into small pieces)
    • Optional: Handful of beansprouts (Head & root removed, blanched in boiling water for 30 secs)
    • Fresh romaine lettuce, 6 medium leaves (Washed and dried)
    • 1 bottle of sweet sauce / Kechup Manis
    • Optional: Chilli paste
    • Grated peanut
    • 1 packet of spring roll skin (Fresh or frozen)
    • 1 packet of fresh Chinese parsley / coriander / cilantro (chopped coarsely)
    • Optional: Cucumber (Grate or cut into long thin strips)


    1. Heat oil in wok. Pan-fry the firm beancurd strips till slightly brown. Transfer beancurd strips into a large pot.
    2. Stir-fry the turnip, carrots, french beans, bamboo shoots and beetroot SEPARATELY until they soften slightly but not get mushy. Transfer them into the large pot.
    3. Stir-fry minced garlic and streaky pork strips. Transfer them into the large pot.
    4. Quick boil the de-shelled prawns in a pot with just enough water to cover the prawns. Save the stock. Half the cooked prawns lengthwise.
    5. Heat the large pot of vegetables and streaky pork strips. Add the prawn stock. Simmer for 40 mins or until the vegetables are soft and slightly mushy.
    6. Drain off /squeeze out excess liquids from the vegetables. Serve in a large bowl.
    7. You are now ready to wrap the popiah. Separate a sheet of spring roll skin from the rest and lay it flat it on a large flat plate.
    8. Place a romaine lettuce leaf at one end of the skin as a base to lay the other ingredients. Add half teaspoon of sweet sauce, a bit of chilli paste, 1 teaspoon of grated peanut, 1 tablespoon of chopped boiled eggs, 1 tablespoon of chopped chinese parsley, 1 tablespoon of chopped chinese sausage on top of the lettuce.
    9. Add bits of blanched beansprouts, cucumber strips and top with 3 tablespoons of the main vegetable filling from the large bowl, all on top of the lettuce.
    10. Carefully compact the ingredients and roll the spring roll into shape, tucking in both sides midway through rolling.
    11. Eat the spring roll with your hands starting from one end or cut into bit-sized slices with a knife. Enjoy!

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