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    Looking for a recipe for banh bao (steamed bun dumpling), banh mi thit (Vietnamese sandwich), bahn canh (rice noodle soup), bahn chung (rice in banana leaves), bo nuong xa, nuoc cham sauce, spring rolls or pho?

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    In this classic soup, paper-thin slices of raw beef are cooked with rice noodles in individual serving bowls into which hot spiced beef stock has been added. If you can find pho stock cubes, they give the pho broth a more authentic taste.

    Recipe by: Maryellen

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    These spring rolls are really healthy and not fried, and delicious with the dipping sauces. Well worth the effort - these are fantastic.

    Recipe by: Paula

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    Delicate Vietnamese-style spring roll wrappers are filled with rice noodles, diced prawns, shredded carrot, lettuce and basil and dipped in warm hoi-sin sauce.

    Recipe by: Claudine

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    This classic snack is known by many names, Summer Roll, Salad Roll, Fresh Roll, Vietnamese Roll, ... Whatever you want to call it, it's delicious, healthy and one of my favorite things to eat.

    Recipe by: vietlove

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    This is a fantastic Vietnamese dish that's great for absolutely any occasion, from weeknight dinners, to parties and BBQs or even a night in front of the telly. The chicken wings have succulent flavour and soft tasty meat that melts in your mouth. They're crispy on the outside, but soft inside and guaranteed to be a success.

    Recipe by: Nelson Huynh

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    This pho soup is very easy to make at home and it will fill your house with the wonderful aromas typical of a pho soup. Enjoy it!

    Recipe by: Rita

    42 reviews

    These rolls are not fried and taste best dipped in the hoisin-peanut sauce.

    Recipe by: ALONGENECKER

    99 reviews

    Southern Vietnamese style pho. It's all about the stock - which takes a while to make but is totally worth it - which is ladled over rice noodles and thinly sliced beef.

    Recipe by: LETT101

    44 reviews

    A Vietnamese-style rice noodle bowl. The delicious sauce is made with garlic, mint, coriander, fish sauce, honey and lime juice.

    Recipe by: LarryB

    90 reviews

    This is a quick Vietnamese stir-fry of sliced beef and French beans, delicious served over rice.

    Recipe by: Maryellen

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