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    A low fat, healthier version of the mango lassi, which still retains flavour and texture of the full fat version. Mint and cloves added to the lassi gives an interesting fresh twist.

    Recipe by: demonik

    773 reviews

    Looking for a refreshing, sweet and spicy salsa for a warm summer evening? This is our favourite. Serve with corn chips. This is also fantastic served on grilled fish.

    Recipe by: FHIVESHOT

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    This dessert has become a classic in the Thai culinary repertoire.

    Recipe by: Wiley

    93 reviews

    This a great dairy-free summer sorbet. Hope you enjoy this as much as my family does.

    Recipe by: MarylandGirl

    158 reviews

    I love Indian food, this recipe developed after falling in love with the dish at a small family owned Indian restaurant near my home. After tweaking a few things, I think I have come up with a great copy-cat version. The curry paste can easily be substituted with the mild version for those with more sensitive palates. Serve over Basmati rice. I hope it meets your liking. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: KIKI810

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    This dipping sauce for sour fruits is very addictive (for me). At least I know I’m also unabashedly snacking on healthy, vitamin-rich fruits, while I indulge in this possibly not too healthy sauce.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    A quick and easy "fresh" fruit cake.

    Recipe by: JASONOSBORNE

    30 reviews

    This is such a simple salad to make - perfect on a hot day and when you want something refreshing. Feel free to use any mix of greens. The dressing adds a tangy gingery twist.

    Recipe by: JENNIFER HARMAN

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    Mangoes are an excellent source of the antioxidant, beta carotene. Substitute avocado slices for an equally nutritious salad.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    34 reviews

    Authentic mango margaritas make an impressive party cocktail. Or simply serve on a balmy Sunday afternoon!

    Recipe by: CEWILSON

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