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    Everyone asks me for the recipe. It is a great slow cooker meal, too. Ginger, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric are only a few of the spices used in this chicken and tomato dish. A long simmer develops the flavours.

    Recipe by: DIGGETYDOG

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    This is a very simple vegetable curry that can accompany any meal. Use your choice of vegetable--string beans, brinjal or carrots, and even tofu can all be substituted.

    Recipe by: Pat

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    I love the experience of eating fish head curry with my fingers and off banana leaves. If you're adventurous, try sucking the eyeballs! You can also use fish steaks instead of a fish head. Ready-blended fish curry powder is available at the supermarket or wet market.

    Recipe by: Pat

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    Use a mortar & pestle to pound herbs to release the flavours or use a food processor.

    Recipe by: thaicancook

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    This is a curry paste recipe from central Thailand that incorporates the Indian spices of the South and the fresh herbs from the North. This recipe will make a bulk green curry paste that will keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator and make several batches of curry. Fresh curry paste always makes your curries taste better than pre-made pastes that contain preservatives.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    The 1st time I tried this spicy, sweet & sour fish was at a Zhi-char (煮炒) stall near my home. Zhi-char stall is a modest stall that’s found in coffeeshops where Chinese home-style dishes are cooked to your order. After that, I knew I had to try making this at home. And I did it, with just one attempt! Hooray! Hubby was full of praise; what more do I need… Now, I’m gonna show you how you can cook this too, in under S$10 & you don’t need to be a pro to do this.

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    The best Thailand Restaurants you must try Hanlay curry at Come Da Ra. If you travel Thailand, come and find the best Thailand Restaurants in Chiang Mai at Come Da Ra, which is concerned by Tourism Authority of Thailand. You can enjoy dining beside the Ping River, warm welcome, good service from the waiters and waitresses. The food is original handle from grand mom which is well known for people around here. Now you can enjoy your cooking Hang lay curry menu..have fun

    Recipe by: soragarn

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    This spicy Indian dish is full of great flavours, very easy to make and a deliciously warming curry for spice lovers.

    Recipe by: Surenne

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    Panang curry with chicken represents the diversity of Thailand's South. Panang refers to the island of Penang in Northern Malaysia bordering Southern Thailand. Use 4 tablespoons curry paste from a fresh curry paste recipe or 5 tablespoons pre-made curry paste if time does not permit making your own paste This is a Panang curry paste recipe.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    This is a Pakistani recipe for a spicy curry. My Mama made this dish, and I like it very much. You must try it. This dish is best served with basmati rice, chapatis or naan bread.

    Recipe by: Alia Tasleem

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