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    A marinated stir-fry chicken dish that pairs well with Asian-style noodles or rice.

    Recipe by: Shelley

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    This is one of dishes that I like so much that I kept modifying it. It's the 3rd revision on the blog. The first was in Year 2006, second in Year 2007 and a couple modifications after that which I did not post. For this latest recipe, I'm still sharing the usual deep-frying method. In addition, there will be an alternative, oven baked method. Those who wants a healthier choice will welcome it.

    Recipe by: wokkingmum

    5 reviews

    Juicy whole chicken roasted or cooked on a rotiserrie. It still remains a popular street food in the Phillipines. It's best to give time for marinating so that the flavour melds together. Serve it with lechon sauce.

    Recipe by: Mekmolek

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    A braised dish made out of marinated pork. Pork asado is originally a Chinese recipe that has its own Filipino version.

    Recipe by: Niki

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    Growing up, this was a favourite "western" food that we would order at the clubhouse restaurant. The sides that went on this dish would include potato fries, carrot & peas salad and garnished with sliced tomato and cucumber. The asian touch would be to eat the chicken with chili sauce - preferably Lingam's. If you prefer, mushroom sauce can also be served over the chicken.

    Recipe by: Suhara