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    18 reviews

    This is a popular dessert among Filipinos. It can be served with different presentations. Ordinarily, when served in the Philippines, it will contain small kernels of sweet corn inside and topped with flakes of roasted coconut meat. Often it will also have shredded Cheddar cheese on top."

    Recipe by: Your Cooking Papa

    6 reviews

    Let me tell you, I have tried many flan recipes. I finally found the correct way to make a flan. The extra step in straining your flan mixture is the key for no weeps. I use 8-9 inch round pan. Sometimes I would use a nice oval baking dish and don't invert. Just cut them in squares and let them swim with all that caramel sauce in the bottom.

    Recipe by: moaa

    8 reviews

    This is a hearty sweet rice (malagkit) with chocolate dish great for snacks.

    Recipe by: Emelita

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    This mouth-watering dessert is usually prepared for special occasions.

    Recipe by: Emelita

    1 review

    This cassava and buko cake with coconut milk offers a unique dessert to tempt any palate.

    Recipe by: Emelita

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