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Want something quick, comforting and nutritious? Whether you're craving hearty sopas from the Philippines, a soothing herbal chicken broth or something rich and spicy from Thailand or India, we have chicken soup recipes to satisfy every craving.

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Chicken soup is often credited with being a panacea for all kinds of ills, and this version — with its warming Indian spices and vibrant colour — should perk up anyone. Serve with wholemeal chapattis or some naan bread.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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The ultimate rainy day warmer. Chicken, white wine and a multitude of vegetables simmer until the vegetables are cooked to your liking. Use a half a chicken, a whole small chicken or chicken pieces.

Recipe by: Miriam E D

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This is my family recipe for the Singapore Chicken Soto Soup. The traditional way of Soto soup is normally serve with either rice cakes (lontong) or vermicelli or yellow noodles. Once serve with vermicelli or yellow noodles it is no longer a Chicken Soto Soup but we call it Mee Soto. (“mee” as in noodles- Soto Noodles)

Recipe by: FlavoursOfSingapore

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The authentic version of this soup has galangal, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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This is one of the simplest soups to make with wonderful exotic flavours provided by lemon grass, coconut, ginger and chilli. The addition of thin noodles makes it quick and easy to prepare in one pan.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham