Christmas Cakes (58)

    What festive cakes will you be making this holiday? Look here for our collection of fruit cakes, yule log, gingerbread house, christmas puddings and more!

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    This is one my mum used to make when we were kids and now my kids are doing their own. This is a nice basic construction but you make your house more elaborate as you get more familiar with the process. Use your imagination and a variety of lollies to make doors, windows, pathways and a garden. Make time over two days to make this as the gingerbread needs to sit overnight after cooking.

    Recipe by: Ruth

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    Moist dark chocolate cake that you can make for your special occasions.

    Recipe by: Marsha

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    The combination of ground, fresh and crystallised ginger gives these delicious cupcakes a multi-layered flavour that lovers of ginger will find irresistible. Revered in Asia for being both a stimulant and a calmative, ginger shows promise as a remedy for seasickness, morning sickness, and other stomach ills.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This cassava and buko cake with coconut milk offers a unique dessert to tempt any palate.

    Recipe by: Emelita

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    A deliciously moist, never-fail gingerbread loaf. I bake this loaf before bed and leave it in the cooling oven overnight. No hard crusts!

    Recipe by: Amanda

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