Christmas Cookies (128)

    Gingerbread and spice cookies, shortbreads, fudge for food gifts, German lebkuchen and Italian festive cookies - we have a wonderful collection of festive and delicious cookies for your celebration.

    Top christmas cookies recipes

    85 reviews

    These festive sandwich biscuits are excellent round Christmas or anytime really. Use any red jam in the centre.

    Recipe by: anonymous

    312 reviews

    Authentic French Meringues from a patisserie in France.

    Recipe by: RANDYVH

    244 reviews

    These twice baked cookies have a delicate flavor, great with vanilla ice-cream, tea, frozen yoghurt, or cappuccino.

    Recipe by: THEA

    15 reviews

    This is a Filipino delicacy. I personally love this. I hope you enjoy this one.

    Recipe by: Simply Vicki

    4592 reviews

    These gingerbread biscuits are big and they stay soft and chewy. My oldest son's favourite.

    Recipe by: AMY1028

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