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Want to try cooking some of the Singaporean dishes at home? Here we have recipes for chicken rice, satay, paper chciken and much more.

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This is a popular Chinese dish in Singapore and Malaysia.

Recipe by: Suhara

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Chinese loves adding Flower Crabs when making Steamboat as the meat is really sweet. Steaming it in a distinct sauce is also one of the most common methods of cooking this crab.

Recipe by: blackswan

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I love this hawker dish! Sticky chewy egg studded with briny oysters dipped into the sour and spicy chilli sauce is divine.

Recipe by: Pat

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This is a very simple vegetable curry that can accompany any meal. Use your choice of vegetable--string beans, brinjal or carrots, and even tofu can all be substituted.

Recipe by: Pat

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I love the experience of eating fish head curry with my fingers and off banana leaves. If you're adventurous, try sucking the eyeballs! You can also use fish steaks instead of a fish head. Ready-blended fish curry powder is available at the supermarket or wet market.

Recipe by: Pat

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