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This is one I learned as a teenager and now I've started making it again for the dreaded fundraisers! It's simple - the only cooking is melting the coconut.

Recipe by: isobel

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Be intrigued when you’re served a mysterious looking transparent packet. Upon opening it, you would’ve discovered a tasty-seasoned deep-fried chicken. Paper-wrapped chicken is a popular Chinese dish that is enjoyed throughout China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Once the wrapped chicken pieces are deep-fried, the marinade caramelized into the meat & the result is..... savoury, fragrant tender chicken parts.

Recipe by: blackswan

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Bird’s Nest (燕窩) was once considered a superior delicacy served only to the royal family & wealthy merchants. This salivary secretion of Swiftlets is especially useful in maintaining youth & enhancing wrinkle-free complexion. It’s considered a super tonic for woman. Besides stimulating appetite & helping in digestion, Bird’s Nest also provides a unique form of protein & nutrients that helps speed up recovery from chronic illness.

Recipe by: blackswan

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