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This is a delicious dish of rice mixed with mushrooms, garlic and onion. This recipe works equally well with white or brown rice.

Recipe by: Jen Levin

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Sesame oil and sesame seeds add nutty goodness to stir-fried vegetables and prawns.

Recipe by: Debbie

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This easy side dish can be embellished with nuts, raisins or bacon!

Recipe by: Krista B

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Delicious sushi nori rolls that look great too. Impress your friends!

Recipe by: Anne Buchanan

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This aromatic Anglo-Indian soup is a curry house staple; why not try it homemade? The name mulligatawny comes from two Tamil words meaning 'pepper' and 'water'. How peppery you make it is up to you!

Recipe by: Lise P.

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Indian saffron is a darker red-orange colour than the Spanish or Italian, and gives a better flavour to rice. The saffron should always be steeped in hot water ahead of time and used as part of the liquid in the recipe. The following is a recipe prepared in the Indian manner.

Recipe by: Rachel Cross

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These cucumber and avocado sushi rolls are easy to make and you can add either fake crab or smoked salmon. Serve with teriyaki or soy sauce and wasabi.

Recipe by: Lexi S.

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A delicious, authentic-tasting Italian risotto with chicken and asparagus. Perfect with a glass of Italian wine!

Recipe by: katie

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A typical Cajun recipe, this is full of spicy, complex flavours. With lots of rice and vegetables, it is a great dish to make a small amount of meat go a long way, and offers a balance of protein and carbohydrate.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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Once you have made fried rice the first time, you'll realise how versatile it is. Use whatever leftover or seasonal vegetables you like.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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