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This is a beautiful dish that's always a hit! This is a layered antipasto plate, so you can cut it in square slices neatly and find all the ingredients in every bite. Add veggies to your liking. Serve with fresh ciabatta or crusty bread. Enjoy!

Recipe by: WMAURO

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This marinade can be used with any type of beef or chicken. If you want it spicy, mix in crushed chillies.

Recipe by: Jana Ritz

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This is not your ordinary 'spag bol' - this recipe comes straight from Bologna. One unusual characteristic of this sauce is that there is no garlic in it, but there is a hint of ground nutmeg. Serve over pasta.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Steak and broccoli are quickly cooked in a soya ginger sauce. Serve hot over steamed rice.

Recipe by: sal

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Proper English Cottage Pie is a delicious, very traditional mince pie (beef) topped with mashed potato. Serve with garden peas.

Recipe by: Caroline

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Beef and potatoes are the main ingredients folded inside these wonderful deep-fried samosas. Chicken livers may be substituted for beef, if you choose. My friend from Bangladesh gave me this savoury, spicy recipe. You just can't buy better in the shops.

Recipe by: Donna-Maree Austin

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Comfort food for the Brit inside you; sausages fried then baked with gravy and mashed potatoes. You can choose your sausages. My grandmother always used the thick beef ones then sliced them in half lengthways for the baking.

Recipe by: AMANDA FAIR

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This stew is traditionally for St. Patrick's Day but is also suited to more cooler weather. Either way, the mixture of the beef and Guinness is awesome! I usually add more beer than the recipe calls for and serve it with mashed potatoes.

Recipe by: want2hike

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Beef and mushrooms simmer in a rich beer sauce before going into a hearty, flavourful pie.

Recipe by: Mrs. L

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The more deeply coloured salad greens are, the more vitamins and minerals they contain.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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