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A simple fudge recipe combining chocolate chips, condensed milk, pecans and orange rind. Substitute almonds, or any kind of nut, if desired.

Recipe by: Angela

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This is a basic truffle filling to which you can add your own flavourings. You may use this to fill the chocolate shells you make using moulds or roll into balls then into powdered sugar, cocoa, sprinkles or other toppings.

Recipe by: Gina Mork

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Can be made with or without the peanut butter, I always get rave reviews from this rather easy-to-make fudge, using ingredients you most likely have on hand. This recipe does requires a candy thermometer.

Recipe by: France

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A very quick recipe for fudge, which does not require a candy thermometer. This recipe is a hit at gatherings as well. I've wondered about substituting Cinnamon for other spices as it seems that spicy fudge is starting to be very popular.

Recipe by: France

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Easy sweet potato balls with sweet filling for tea time. Serve while it is still hot and the sweet filling will ooze out as you bite into it. Delicious!

Recipe by: Suhara

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These are a fun dessert to make if you have plenty of time. Children can get involved, too. First you make a yellow mung bean paste, then form it into mini fruits. Then paint the fruit with food coloring and coat it all with agar. These delicacies keep refrigerated for 2-3 days.

Recipe by: Wiley

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These are crusty on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

Recipe by: Rosina

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Authentic French Meringues from a patisserie in France.

Recipe by: RANDYVH

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These twice baked cookies have a delicate flavor, great with vanilla ice-cream, tea, frozen yoghurt, or cappuccino.

Recipe by: THEA

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Soft and chewy Japanese dessert. A tradition of boy's or girl's day. Great for a snack for picnics or parties. This recipe is easy to make, but do not try cheating and double it. The directions should be followed exactly.

Recipe by: dewny

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