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    Looking for gravy, hollandaise, parsley sauce, bbq sauce, horseradish, mint sauce, bread sauce or dairy-free cream sauces? Perhaps you fancy trying a new pesto, pasta sauce or need a classic ragu or Bolognese? We have Bechamel, white sauce, cheese sauce, fruit coulis, custard, chocolate sauce and more.

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    Literally "chilli water," this sauce can be used to add zing to simple seafood preparations, such roasted fish or steamed shellfish.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    This is an original Indonesian satay recipe. I hope all you cooks around the world can enjoy it! You can grill or barbecue the chicken and serve with some hot chilli on the side.

    Recipe by: Estherlita Santoso

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    It's easy enough to buy ready made lechon sauce from the store but here's a recipe that you can make yourself at home. Serve it with your favourite lechon or lechon manok.

    Recipe by: Mekmolek

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    Great salad dressing for all salads. This recipe makes a large amount and you can store the dressing in the fridge.

    Recipe by: Dieter Weber

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    Chunky peanut butter, garlic, fresh ginger and coriander blended into an exotic Asian-style dipping sauce or marinade. Great for satay. Use sweetened or unsweetened peanut butter, depending on your preference.

    Recipe by: CHRISPENTINA

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