Do you need ideas for school lunchboxes or healthy school dinners? Sick of running to the sandwich shop? Maybe you need new sandwich filler ideas for baps or wraps like egg mayo, prawn mayo or coronation chicken. Find paninis, toasted cheese sandwiches, club sandwiches or BLT. We have these plus healthier options, too.

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    This combination is so good together and it's a great way to get your kids eating fruit. I make this for my daughter's lunch and she loves it.

    Recipe by: SAIDANDDUNN

    494 reviews

    This is a recipe given to me by my aunt. The rolls are excellent!!!!

    Recipe by: Cristy H.

    48 reviews

    Thai flavours make these burgers absolutely delicious. Serve on warmed buns with sweet chilli sauce and coconut-mint mayonnaise.

    Recipe by: CHEFSINGLEDAD

    23 reviews

    Quick and easy to make and delicious too!

    Recipe by: DAVENEVE

    No reviews

    Vitamin-packed coleslaw enriches a simple beef sandwich.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    247 reviews

    Delicious hamburger buns! Homemade and fresh! Easy to make and economical, these buns will make your dinner guests feel extra special.

    Recipe by: CHEERON883

    2504 reviews

    Mouth-watering, pork cooked in a slow cooker and served with barbecue sauce. An family favourite, serve on floury soft rolls with coleslaw and potato crisps.

    Recipe by: KMB233

    477 reviews

    My Mom used to make these hamburger buns all the time. They are so easy to make, light and fluffy as well as beautiful to look at. I get raves whenever I make them. Try using them for sandwich rolls too - delicious!

    Recipe by: BellesAZ

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    Fresh green herbs such as basil contain small quantities of protective anti-oxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and beta-carotene.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    3 reviews

    This tuna salad combines all of my husband's favourite flavours....olives, pickles, onions, garlic, mustard, eggs etc. This is no ordinary tuna sandwich! Make it the night before so the flavours develop and you'll have hearty, flavoursome sandwiches to take to work the next day.

    Recipe by: Linda

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