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Preserve nutrients with a pressure cooker, and get speedy results, too. Make tender oxtail or bean soups in a flash.

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This is a delicious Korean one pot beef soup. The recipe is speeded up by using a pressure cooker. This recipe calls for kosari, a dried bracken fern, but it can be left out if it is not found in your area.

Recipe by: Ann Lee

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Tender beef brisket and tendons in a brothy stew that's delicious over rice or with noodles. It's faster if cooked in a pressure cooker, however, you can braise it over low heat for a couple of hours as an alternative.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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This is a simple oxtail soup requiring you to cook the oxtail first in a pressure cooker and then again with some simple seasonings. The broth will come out with a milky consistency.

Recipe by: Ann Lee

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This is great pressure cooker recipe for a Korean beef spare rib stew. It takes a couple days to achieve perfection, but it is worth it!

Recipe by: Ann Lee

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Use a pressure cooker to quickly cook this delicious Korean bean side dish.

Recipe by: Ann Lee

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Enjoy the aroma and flavour of this succulent duck dish. Don't let the steps deter you as it is easy enough and you will be rewarded with a delicious meal.

Recipe by: cindyfj

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In this dish, tender chicken and taro are equally delicious with a hint of spiciness and ginger. To get the best texture for the taro, do not overcook it. Note: when peeling the taro, wear your kitchen rubber gloves to avoid hand-itch.

Recipe by: Bing

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Chicken breasts cooked in the pressure cooker. Sour cream is added to the tomato-paprika sauce at the end for a creamy tasty sauce to pour over the breasts before serving.

Recipe by: Holly Ottum

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