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    Looking for Fiji recipe or a Samoan recipe or a recipe from Papua New Guinea or the South Pacific islands? Looking for seafood recipes or fish recipes or recipes using cassava, taro, yams or plantains?

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    For my dinner hosting a Japanese guest, I’ve made this appetizer to kick off the evening, which has later been featured @ PetitChef. Comparing to my previous Ceviche, I’ve added green apples for an uplifting touch & topped it off with caviar.

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    Fried plantains are an accompaniment to many South Pacific and Caribbean dishes. In Southeast Asia, it is eaten as a snack or dessert, sprinkled with some sugar to sweeten it up.

    Recipe by: Forgemaster

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    Are you tired of paying upwards of $15.00 for a drink at those trendy restaurants and bars? This drink is refreshing, Asian-inspired, and sure to impress your guests or that someone special!

    Recipe by: Bellakitty

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