Muffin and Scone recipes (64)

    Looking for muffins, scones, friands or even a popover? We have recipes for scones and muffins packed with ingredients like bananas, blueberries, apple, oats, pumpkin, poppy seed, lemon and potato. You’ll also find savoury delights like tomato and basil scones, cheese and watercress scones, herb muffins, cornmeal, bacon and fennel muffins and carrot ginger scones.

    Top muffins recipes

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    Delicious and good for you too! Don't be fooled by all the healthy ingredients - these muffins are good for curing chocolate cravings too!

    Recipe by: Fiestaqueen

    10 reviews

    A Philippine favorite. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top, and enjoy hot or cold. Note: this recipe involves baking the little cakes with the muffin tin standing in a tray of hot water - so not suitable to try with kids.

    Recipe by: Chinky Viola

    209 reviews

    This was a favourite recipe of mine growing up. Now, I continue to make them for my husband and I. These muffins are easy to make, and quite tasty.

    Recipe by: Betsy

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    This is a great banana muffin recipe! It has little sugar and almost no fat if you use reduced fat sour cream.

    Recipe by: MEVERTSE

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    This recipe uses frozen strawberries so you can make them any time of the year, but feel free to use fresh. The apple sauce keeps them moist.

    Recipe by: MIMI28

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