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    Lentils are wonderful source of protein, minerals and fiber. They can made into complete meals, or side dishes, vegetarian or otherwise.

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    A Persian-Indian dish with freshly ground spices that makes it fabulously fragrant, while green lentils give texture and substance. Serve with natural yoghurt and saffron rice.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    This tasty vegetarian curry combines lentils and mixed beans with fresh spinach, curry spices, yoghurt and tomatoes.


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    This hearty dish is similar to an Indian dalcha but less complicated and can be eaten with good crusty bread or even naan.

    Recipe by: Suhara

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    This is truly a vegetarian comfort food. Add the coconut milk towards the end of cooking and this dish freezes well too.

    Recipe by: Gillian Stevens

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    Nourishing lentils are combined with warm spices and rich coconut milk to create an intoxicatingly delicious dish.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    I actually learned this in the kitchen of a seasoned Indian homecook! It's a traditional fragrant dish with yellow lentils (toor dhal), ginger, chilli, tomatoes, cumin and garlic. You can also use yellow split peas (moong dal).

    Recipe by: Pyromommy

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    Masoor dhal refers to red lentils. This warming and fragrant soup can be enjoyed as part of a meal, or on its own with rice or naan.

    Recipe by: Rachel

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    A dhal is a dish of simmered lentils flavoured with aromatic spices and usually served as a sauce. But add extra vegetables and it becomes a light and easy vegetarian meal that's low in fat. Serve it with a selection of Indian-style breads and natural yogurt or raita.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is a rich and nutritious vegetarian lentil curry with tomatoes. It's a perfect meal with some rice, raita and pickles or as a part of an Indian feast. You choose!

    Recipe by: Emma Maher

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    A hearty slow cooker meal that is simple to make and satisfying to eat, especially on a chilly day! Top each bowl with some grated Parmesan and serve with warm, crusty bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: SORSHA24

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