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    Need authentic recipes from Korea? We have Korean-style recipes like seaweed soup, miso and noodle soups, spicy kimchi, flavourful marinades and many more.

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    Here is simple way to fry up fish, Korean style. Serve with a spicy sauce and rice.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    This is a great way to use kimchi, simply fried with minced beef and rice. Hint: When you buy already made Kimchi from a Korean market leave the Kimchi in room temperature 1 day for ferment.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    This kimchi recipe is simple and tasty. You can adjust the amount of red pepper powder to suit your family's taste.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    This is a basic and common kimchi. Depending on how hot it is in your climate, the fermentation may take one to two days.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    This is a delicious Korean one pot beef soup. The recipe is speeded up by using a pressure cooker. This recipe calls for kosari, a dried bracken fern, but it can be left out if it is not found in your area.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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