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    Everyone loves this chicken when I make it for parties. You can easily halve or double the amount depending on how many people are eating.

    Recipe by: Marian Collins

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    For my dinner hosting a Japanese guest, I’ve made this appetizer to kick off the evening, which has later been featured @ PetitChef. Comparing to my previous Ceviche, I’ve added green apples for an uplifting touch & topped it off with caviar.

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    Marmalade and soy sauce - sounds like a disgusting combo, but trust me. It works very well! This is the simplest way to make a delicious teriyaki-style chicken.

    Recipe by: Asahi

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    This marinade can be used with any type of beef or chicken. If you want it spicy, mix in crushed chillies.

    Recipe by: Jana Ritz

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    I found some really nice & cheap mussels at the supermarket & was in a mood for some unhealthy indulgence. I love those at Mos Burgers but at a price of S$3.30 for 5 pieces, it's much more economical to D.I.Y. The tray of mussels I bought today was just S$1 for 500g. There were about 18 pieces. Wow! Of course, I've no doubt the quality difference but at just a dollar for some fresh mussels, it's good enough. After all, I'm gonna deep-fry them anyway.

    Recipe by: blackswan

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