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    Looking for ice-cream, sorbets, granitas, frozen yoghurt, no-cook cheesecake or other cold dessert recipes? Need chilled soups like gazpacho, potato salads or pates?

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    This a great dairy-free summer sorbet. Hope you enjoy this as much as my family does.

    Recipe by: MarylandGirl

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    For my dinner hosting a Japanese guest, I’ve made this appetizer to kick off the evening, which has later been featured @ PetitChef. Comparing to my previous Ceviche, I’ve added green apples for an uplifting touch & topped it off with caviar.

    Recipe by: blackswan

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    Insanely easy and oh so rich! Recipe makes a large amount but you can vary flavorings and coatings to make several different varieties. Decorate with finely chopped nuts or roll in chocolate sprinkles.

    Recipe by: Jenny MacKinnell

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    This is one I learned as a teenager and now I've started making it again for the dreaded fundraisers! It's simple - the only cooking is melting the coconut.

    Recipe by: isobel

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    This is a popular Filipino dessert. My whole family goes crazy for ube ice cream, but the store-bought kind contains preservatives and food coloring. It's very easy to make ube ice cream at home and it tastes better than the ones at the store. I used homemade ube halaya and condensed milk, but they're readily available at the market.

    Recipe by: lolalibrarian

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