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The Festival of Lights - Diwali or Deepavali is a celebration of good versus evil. Are you searching for traditional indian sweets recipes or for more contemporary desserts and sweets; perhaps the specialty rice dishes or curries to harbor in the festivities, find the recipes here.

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I found some really nice & cheap mussels at the supermarket & was in a mood for some unhealthy indulgence. I love those at Mos Burgers but at a price of S$3.30 for 5 pieces, it's much more economical to D.I.Y. The tray of mussels I bought today was just S$1 for 500g. There were about 18 pieces. Wow! Of course, I've no doubt the quality difference but at just a dollar for some fresh mussels, it's good enough. After all, I'm gonna deep-fry them anyway.

Recipe by: blackswan

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Here's one of my authentic mutton biryani recipes. Guys and gals enjoy! Let me have your comments.

Recipe by: Santhosh

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This spicy Indian dish is full of great flavours, very easy to make and a deliciously warming curry for spice lovers.

Recipe by: Surenne

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Add a delicious twist to your lassi by spiking it with cardamom and star anise.

Recipe by: Jonathan

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A popular Indian sweet that my friend serves during Deepavali. It's easy to make and I love them.

Recipe by: Mekmolek

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This rich southern Indian curry dish is sour and spicy. Use large fish head like threadfin or red snapper. Serve this dish with rice and the leftover curry is delicious with rotis.

Recipe by: Suhara

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This is a delicious Pakistani/Indian rice dish which is often reserved for very special occasions such as weddings, parties, or holidays such as Ramadan. For biryani, always use long grain rice. Basmati rice with its thin, fine grains is the ideal variety to use. Ghee is butter that has been slowly melted so that the milk solids and golden liquid have been separated and can be used in place of vegetable oil to yield a more authentic taste.

Recipe by: Nazia

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These light and airy vanilla meringue drops with cocoa and dark chocolate chips make great sweet treats.

Recipe by: S.N. Noble

378 reviews

These bars are a classic blend of peanut butter and chocolate. Easy to make, and quick to satisfy!

Recipe by: justine

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Rich, lemon flavored cookies.

Recipe by: Carol

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