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Looking for a British Sunday roast or traditional British classics like London particular, cottage pie, Yorkshire pudding, treacle tart, scouse, Lancashire hot pot, pork pies, toad in the hole, potted shrimp or a steak and kidney pie? Maybe you need a classic English steamed pudding, trifle or want to make elderflower cordial?

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This is a great, foolproof way of making a spread which usually curdles if you look at it. It is ready literally in minutes. Eat spread on fresh bread or warm toast or use in pies and tarts.

Recipe by: SUEB34

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This is a traditional English dish that children love. Use good quality sausages and cook them in Yorkshire pudding batter. Serve with onion gravy.

Recipe by: stablespy

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A cute, delicious lemony cupcakes that everyone will love!

Recipe by: jenn

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Yummy and healthy-ish cupcakes that almost melt in your mouth when eaten fresh out the tray before any topping is added.

Recipe by: sarahj88

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Sweet green beans pair perfectly with crispy, salty and smoked bacon. Great company for grilled or barbecued meats and chicken.

Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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