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    Looking for chickpea, falafel or lentil recipes? Want to make your own baked beans or need recipes that use kidney beans, split peas, black beans, mongo beans, cannellini beans, broad beans, adzuki beans, pinto beans or three bean mix?

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    Delicious and nutritious, roasted chickpeas make for a healthy snack. Roasted in the oven, these are a nice crunchy, high fibre alternative to nuts.

    Recipe by: ABRAMOWICZ

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    My mom always cook sambal goreng tempe when Ramadhan come,

    Recipe by: Milax

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    This tastes great spread on fresh crusty bread or in a sandwich. This chickpea spread does taste like tuna salad and makes a great vegetarian option. Experiment with different ingredients depending on your taste. I have made this vegan as well by substituting the mayonnaise for soy mayonnaise.

    Recipe by: NICE_GIRL1965

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    A healthier alternative to the black beans and rice dish commonly found in carribean and latin recipes. Quinoa is a nutty grain from South America and makes a wonderful substitute for rice.

    Recipe by: 3LIONCUBS

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    This is just a simple vegetable dish I'd discovered during my last Shopping & Dining Trip in Bangkok. I was spell-bound the minute I took a bite into this dish at a Thai-Chinese Restaurant near Conrad Bangkok. They've added peppercorns, dried chilli & something I've never thought of adding in a vegetable dish - Sesame Seeds! These tiny seeds gave the beans an added crunch, making it an enjoyable treat for the family.

    Recipe by: blackswan