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A cookie for almond lovers!

Recipe by: Robin J.

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This marinade can be used with any type of beef or chicken. If you want it spicy, mix in crushed chillies.

Recipe by: Jana Ritz

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Yummy fried oreos which is deliciously made....

Recipe by: Gabiya

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Adults and Kids can work together to make this cake. It can also help Children learn Mathematics by the measurements. I'm sure Children would enjoy making this cake and they would like to eat the cake too!

Recipe by: HeroineHansika

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These are pretty unhealthy, but they're very rich and delicious...So, indulge in one (or two) and don't feel too bad about it;) If you plan on eating these with savoury food, neglect the sugar - it's just too much.

Recipe by: plum

1 review

A friend gave me this recipe - it's quick, easy and perfect every time!

Recipe by: Phyllis

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A new recipe a neighbour gave us. What a hit with my family! Just the right mix of garlic and cashews with our favorite veggie, broccoli. And so easy to make.

Recipe by: SALSIEPIE

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These great little fritters are a breakfast favorite. They are also delicious served as snacks at tea time.

Recipe by: Julia Morris

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Sweet green beans pair perfectly with crispy, salty and smoked bacon. Great company for grilled or barbecued meats and chicken.

Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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These are a favourite and its worth using the buttermilk for the flavour but any other milk will do just fine.

Recipe by: LEEMA

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