No Recipe Squid, Asian style

    Many times, I whip up dishes based on, well… what I have in pantry! For our daily dinner, I hardly cook using a recipe book. Most of the time, I’ll just stare at the fridge and ideas come. This squid dish was created during one of those times. It’s really quite anyhow but we love it! On another note, have you wondered how in the world the squid dishes outside taste so wonderfully tender? For sometime, I never knew and the family had to make do with some very chewy squid. :P Well, now I do and I’d love to share this s-called insider secret with ya! ;)


    Central Region, Singapore
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    • 2 tbsp dried prawns
    • 6 dried chili
    • 3 cloves garlic
    • 4 shallots
    • 4 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 tomato, cut into 4
    • 2 medium sized squid, cleaned and cut
    • fish gravy, to taste
    • 2 limes, halved, for juice


    1. Blend together dried prawns, dried chili, garlic and shallots into a paste.
    2. Heat oil. Using high heat, stir in the blended ingredients. Fry till golden and fragrant. Palm off the tomatoes into the wok.
    3. Right before adding the squid in, turn down the fire to rather low heat (yes, this is the secret! :P) and stir fry till the squid curls and no longer translucent. Add in fish gravy, roughly just 1-2 tsp.
    4. Squeeze some lime juice all over the squid dish just before serving.


    PS: if you like it spicy, just chop up 2 chili padi and throw it in ;)

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