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Thai Chicken curry with basil

This is delicious and easy to make-chicken with garlic, chilli and basil cooked in a coconut milk based sauce. Make it as spicy as you like or keep it mild.
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06 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Niloufer
Some tips to make it more authentic. Use fresh, spicy chilies. Use galangal/Thai ginger, not regular ginger. Use holy basil/Thai basil not the Italian basil. Use regular oil, not olive oil.
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22 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: Nandini
Lovely! Tastes very authentic. Use holy basil if available for the killer taste. I also tried adding more red pepper flakes and then realized I should just use chilli powder instead to bring more colour and bring up the spice level...and yes it did the trick! Added broccoli and red peppers to make this a definite make again dish!
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06 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: What a Dish!
This was ok, but unfortunately I couldn't taste of wonderful flavors of basil or cocunut milk very much... just salt. I'm sure it was due to the fish sauce (check out the sodium content on the bottle!) so if I were to make this again I would just omit it. Any flavor it may impart is not worth that huge amount of salt! I did use low-sodium soy sauce and added a little extra coconut milk. I'm sure this would be really good if it weren't so darn salty. I even reduced the amount of fish sauce to one TBS! I used a red onion, which added nice color. Served with brown jasmine rice and steamed green beans.
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28 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: Vladadeska
My boyfriend adored this recipe and I thought it was pretty good. I used a whole can of coconut milk because I hate having open cans in my fridge. I think next time I will cook the chicken in the sauce. I usually do that but decided to follow the recipe this time. I believe that cooking the chicken in the sauce will make it more flavorful and tender (I've found it usually does). Plus, you'd be cutting down on calories and fat that way.
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10 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Luke Marie
I loved this dish. Others commented on it not being authentic . . . who cares! Authenticity is not the issue, taste is, and this dish tastes great. Now, that being said, I had to be creative to get this dish to turn out here in Bolivia. In place of fish sauce, I used 1 T anchovy paste and 1 T oyster sauce. I added broccoli, didn't have green onions, used coconut paste (no coconut milk), and tweaked the measurements of the other ingredients to compensate for the sweetness of the coconut paste. My wife was not a fan of the spice (I thought it was perfect) but my 2 year old couldn't get enough! I will definitely make this again. Maybe I'll pull some aside for my wife without spice.
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09 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: LynnInHK
Definitely NOT the authentic Thai basil chicken, because the real one is not soupy like this and much much more spicy. However, I still give it a five star, and just think of it as chicken basil curry. The amount of basil seems a lot, but I still think the dish can use more basil flavor. As soon as my basils grow out, I will make this again, but either use more fresh basil, or add some dry basil too. And if you like your Thai food spicy, make sure to add extra extra red pepper flakes.
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22 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: SAMMARTI
I didn't bother with the coconut milk. This is a good stir-fry recipe. Don't be put off by the seemingly large amount of basil--when it cooks, it loses pungency. I also added a large handful of chopped cilantro. Use lots of ginger--peel the skin off with a vegetable peeler.
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25 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: Caroline C
I made this with 2 large chicken breasts (no clue how much they weighed). I followed the recipe exactly otherwise, but ended up adding a little more soy sauce, and quite a lot more red pepper flakes. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was even going to make it to the table (the flavor was just really peculiar, plus it didn't help I was making it with the most flavorless, watery coconut milk I have ever bought) but as soon as I added the basil, it really came together. I only wish I'd been able to get Thai basil at the store. With a couple of tweaks, this could be really amazing. Thanks, Gabrielle!
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01 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: bullrisk
Improvements - used whole can of coconut milk (not just 3/4 cup), more soy and fish sauce (about a teaspoon more of each), 4 tablespoons of sugar (really balances the heat), added water chestnuts, more shiitake, added the sauce before chicken was browned (why dry it out before getting that good flavor in it?) and added cashews (love the taste with coconut milk). With these additions I loved it. Really tastes like the good Thai restaurant dish, yum...
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09 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Saveur
Hmmm...I'm a little puzzled by this recipe. All of the ingredients I love, and yet lacking something. Hard to put my finger on. I definitely added more red pepper flakes, I like a punch to my thai, and added lots of fresh basil, love that flavor. I guess I have to blame it on the sauce, I would add more soy, perhaps some fresh squeezed lime. I also added fresh red pepper strips. A pretty dish, good reviews from my hubby, but not a do over for me. I sincerely thank you for your submission and enjoyed trying this recipe.
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