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Easy Meatloaf

This is a very easy and no fail recipe for meatloaf. It won't take long to make at all and it's quite good!
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06 May 2003
Reviewed by: SKYGIRL
This recipe was excellent. I have made it twice already. I added about a tablespoon of worcestershire sauce to the meat mixture and sauteed the onions in a little butter and garlic just for a few minutes until the onions were softened. It was delicious!!!!! thanks
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22 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: MAMASPICE
Good Stuff - I did follow the advice of other reviewers: 1. Sauted the onion 2. Use seasoned bread crumbs 3. Doubled the ketchup mixture and reduced the amount of mustard a tad 4. 1 tbsp Worstishire in the meat mix 5. Line the pan with foil for easy clean up 6. LET THE MEAT REST before slicing. Served it with Paula Deens Cottage Potato's and steamed vegetables. No complaints from the boys who were over for dinner. Went down well with a 2004 Pinot Noir. Will make this again.
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20 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: ALC
This was a great recipe. I compiled and followed all of the advice of previous reviewers: -I lightly browned the onions in butter before adding. -I also added chopped green onions, mushrooms, and a green bell pepper. -I used italian seasoned breadcrumbs. -I tripled the sauce (many said that there was not enough sauce/topping) and -I baked for longer than the recipe states (I baked for a total of one hour and 25 minutes). It came out perfectly. Thanks for the great recipe, and reviewers thanks for the great hints/amendments!
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03 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: MomSavedbyGrace
I have tried some more "exotic" meatloaf recipes on this site which have turned out quite good, but my husband wanted more of a basic meatloaf so that it would be good on a sandwich the next day. I chose this recipe based on the high marks and the easy ingredients. I substituted ground turkey for the beef, and followed the "most helpful" suggestions of sauteeing the onions in butter + garlic, and adding 1 Tbsp. of worchestshire to the meat mix. Other than that, followed the recipe completely, and it was wonderful!!! Very tasty and moist (one thing I can't stand is a dry meatloaf, not this one!) and I have a feeling it will make great meatloaf sandwiches tomorrow. Thanks for the post!
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09 May 2007
Reviewed by: handbanana
I made this recipe and altered it according to previous reviews: 1) I added Worcestershire Sauce 2)didn't have any fresh onion so I used minced 3)added garlic powder 4) added 1 slice of bread ripped into pieces since it seemed too wet when mixing 5)used a glass baking dish 6)doubled the topping 7)used seasoned bread crumbs. A 1.30# of meat cooked in an hour. This turned out great and we went back for seconds even when my man is sick and said he wasn't hungry! I personally thought the topping was a tad too sweet so I would do everything the same next time except reduce the brown sugar some. This was very easy and a big hit. Will definitely make again and again!!!
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16 Aug 2004
Reviewed by: GIGI9801
YUMMY!!! Made this dish for company the other night and WOW! It was a BIG hit! My 6 yr old had 2 huge pieces and my hubby even had leftovers for breakfast the next morning while we were all still sleeping! I used 2-1/4lbs. of ground beef, kept the 1 onion(1 of my guests is not a big onion fan), 2 eggs, 1-1/2 cups of both milk and SEASONED breadcrumbs, threw in some garlic powder and parsley flakes and doubled the ketchup mixture. Seasoned breadcrumbs are a must for this recipe; Would be very bland without them. Thanks for the great recipe!
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27 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: Zo Zee
I made this meatloaf with my boyfriend. Not only was it delicious but we had a lot of fun making it. At first i was worried that it would be too onion-y, but using the whole onion was well worth it. it was a dark dark scary night and i was home all alone, hungry and scared, all of the sudden the hunger kicked in and i walked in the kitchen, opened the fridge and there it was, a big juicy hunk of meat with onions, pepper, and one medium sized egg. without a second thought i clenched my teeth into it and mmmmmmmmm oh my lord it was so meaty and loafy. my night was made. it just... just... magical.
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29 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: redhotnubian
Hands down, this was the best meatloaf that I've ever made. I used about 2.3 lbs. of ground beef. Following some of the advice of others as well as adding a few of my own tweaks, the meatloaf was perfect. Here's what I did: 1. I sautéed finely chopped onion, 3 cloves (minced garlic) & 2 stalks of celery in butter (which really makes the loaf tender); then added it to the ground beef. 2. I added 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce to the ground beef mixture along with 2 eggs instead of 1, 1 1/4 cup of milk & about 1 1/2 cup of dried Italian bread crumbs. 3. For the sauce: I initially made it as the directions indicated with 2 TBSP. of brown sugar, and found it to be way too sweet. I then added 1/3 more ketchup and a couple of dashes of Worcestershire Sauce and it was perfect. 4. It was an abundance of sauce, and a lot of the other reviews said that there wasn't enough sauce, so I spooned a thin layer at the bottom of the loaf, molded half the loaf, then sauced the top, and then added the rest of the loaf on top and sauced it really well. This was absolutely perfect. 5. Lastly, there was no specification on whether or not to cook the meatloaf covered or uncovered. I used enough aluminum foil to line the baking dish as well as cover the top (so I essentially wrapped the loaf in foil) and cooked covered for 45 minutes, drained most of any accumulated liquid and cooked uncovered for an additional 30 minutes. This was super moist and delicious!!!!!
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23 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Tracy & Dave M
This recipe was definitely easy to make but I wasn't sure of the brown sugar mixture that goes on top and sure enough when my husband tried it, he said it was like eating desert and dinner at the same time. He said it was way to sweet and that he couldnt taste the meat b/c of all the breadcrumbs. May want to cut back to less than 3/4 cup. He made me promise not to make this again. Personally, I thought it was ok.
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04 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: AnnM.H.
This is the same recipe that I have used for years. My son only likes ketchup on his, but the rest of us love the sweet/tangy sauce. I also add 8 saltine crackers crumbled into crumbsand reduce the bread crumbs by the amount of crackers and a small minced cut carrot to it. This is a very good and moist recipe. This recipe also does well with green pepper or mushrooms added to it.
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