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Homemade Pasta

This is your basic traditional recipe for making pasta or noodles from scratch. Don't forget that fresh pasta cooks much quicker than dried. If you have an electric stand mixer, you can use the dough hook attachment. Or get your hands dirty!
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05 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: HOLLY D
Great tasting noodles. My Mom has used this recipe for years. To save time though, I suggest rolling the noodles out into desired thickness, and then rolling the dough into a log. Then starting at the end, slice the noodles into desired width. Afterwards, just toss them around until they are all uncurled into noodles. Will save you a ton of time from just slicing them while lying flat. Also keeps them more uniform in shape.
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04 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: Phil Evans
Same basic recipe that my grandmother and great-grandmother (full Cherokee) used to use as a basic starter. I just taught my granddaughter the recipe and what can be done with it. Same recipe, rolled a little thinner, use a glass to cut out circles, fill, fold over, and crimp with a fork to makes raviolis. Make one inch balls with the dough and add to chicken or beef stew for great southern dumplings. A real American classic.
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20 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: purduejennings
Easy and great tasting, just like my great grandma's. A secret ingredient that my great grandma used to add was a few drops of yellow food coloring. Makes your noodles look very yellow. Noone could figure out for years how her noodles were so yummy and yellow, always thought it was more egg yolk. She was 99 before she told anyone! Now the family secret is out!
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12 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: SUZ
Excellent!! Decided to let my bread machine do the work. I put it on the pizza dough cycle which is a 50 minute dough cycle. When it was done I took it out, rolled it, cut it , dried it and we had it for supper!! Sooooo easy that way and so delicious!! Thanks!
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27 Jun 2001
Reviewed by: DANA CLARY
I used my Kitchenaid and dough hook, which was a lot easier. Rolled them out and used a pizza cutter to cut them. They were excellent!
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26 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Amelie
Very tasty! Used this recipe to make lasagna noodles; everyone raved about how good and thin these were. No comparison to store-bought noodles. Can also add pesto, lemon zest and ground black pepper, chives, oil-packed sundried tomato, etc. for a nice change.
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13 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: see
Good recipe. As others have said they are thick but great in stews. I cut down on time by using a pizza cutter to cut the strips and hung them to dry on stackable cookie racks. worked well
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29 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Brenda Kay Piper
This recipe is a staple in my home. It's so versatile. I add poultry seasoning when making noodles for chicken soup, and add garlic powder & basil when making noodles for use in Italian dishes. And for the occasional kid-friendly treat I divide the dough into 2 to 4 batches, and add a different food color to each batch. Serve cooked noodles with butter -- and watch the children go wild. (Haha. Children are so easy to please.) I can offer some insight to making great noodles: Don't add baking powder, as some folks have suggested, unless you like a really thick (more dumpling style) noodle. Working the dough too much, and not adding butter or oil will result in tough, rubbery noodle. Divide the dough into batches, and roll each batch. This helps in rolling the noodles very thin. The thinner the better (unless you're making chicken & dumplings). Happy cooking!
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07 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: MOM2K&A
Super easy and good. I used my pasta machine to roll it out and had my 2 year old cut shapes with miniature cookie cutters. I didn't wait for the pasta to dry, I just added it to my boiing chicken soup. Yummy!
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01 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: SPECK03
These were not bad, though I don't think my search for the perfect egg noodle recipe is over as yet. I think that 1/4 in. in thickness is way to thick, much better to stick to 1/8 inch. Also, I would recommend boiling the noodles in chicken broth for added flavor. I served these with the slowcooker beef stroganoff from this site, a fantastic dish that camouflaged whatever flaws the noodles may have had.
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