NuStevia Cocoa Syrup Almond Jelly Recipe + Giveaway!


    Almond Jelly is an extremely popular dessert that can be often found in Chinese restaurants. You've probably eaten Almond Jelly with Longan, but how would you like to have a chocolaty version, richly enhanced by NuStevia Cocoa Syrup?


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    • 1 box (120g) of Hollyfarms Almond Dessert Premix
    • 100g Hosen Longans
    • 15 ml NuStevia Cocoa Syrup
    • 480 ml Water
    • Cranberries for presentation
    • Kara Coconut cream to drizzle (optional)


    1. Add 40g of Holly Farms Almond Premix into 120 ml of boiling water. Stir till powder dissolves, then add 10ml cocoa syrup.
    2. Fill about half of the moulds with jelly mixture and refrigerate to almost set.
    3. Add another 80g of almond premix into 360 ml of boiling water. Stir till powder dissolves. Meanwhile, cut the Hosen longans into cubes and add onto harden jellies.
    4. Top up the moulds with the almond jelly mixture, and refrigerate.
    5. You should have some remaining mixture left depending on the size of your jelly moulds. Add about 5 ml of cocoa syrup into the mixture. Stir well and pour into your preferred mould. I also added some blueberries I found in my fridge.
    6. When jellies are set, transfer onto serving plates. Add more longans and serve your NuStevia Cocoa Syrup Almond Jelly with Longan chilled.
    7. Since the cocoa syrup can be quite sweet, I added some coconut cream to serve with my Teddy Bear Chocolate Almond Jelly with Blueberries and they tasted marvellous!


    (Makes 12 Flower Almond Jellies with Longan, and 1 Teddy Bear Chocolate Almond Jelly)

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    A twist to the traditional Almond Jelly by adding Nustevia Cocoa Syrup!  -  30 Jul 2014