Mango Sago with Pomelo 楊枝甘露

    One of the family's favourite dessert is mango anything. Mango sago, Mango Shaved Ice, Mango Pudding, etc. This is one of the dessert (楊枝甘露 in Chinese) we always order when we dine out. So when I buy mango, it doesn't stay in the fridge very long. Like wise for this case. I bought a 5 mangoes and had stoned 3 to be pureed and the other 2 cut into cubes. I was cooking the sago while the mango cubes and puree chilled in the fridge. When the sago was done and cooled and I was ready to make the dessert, I realised most of the mango cubes were gone! What's left isn't enough for me to make 1 serving. This last 1/2 serving is mine! Next time, I won't agree to have anyone to have "some" mangoes. Their idea of "some" is countable numbers of leftover cubed mangoes for me. :X Lucky for me, they didn't drink my puree!


    Central Region, Singapore
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    • 5 mangoes, stones removed, cubed
    • 2-4 tbsp Sago, soaked
    • 1-2 slices of pomelo, shredded
    • Mango juice (optional)


    1. Puree the flesh of 3 mangoes
    2. Cook the sago until it has expanded and is chewy.
    3. Mix the mango puree, sago, pomelo and remaining mango cubes. add mango juice if you desire a thicker puree. Serve chilled.

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